Epic Male Band (2013)


IMA-Nominee-Logo  Nomination in the Instrumental (mainly) Album Category  in The 14th Annual Independent Music Awards!


“It does indeed rock, an exuberant set of Esko’s characteristic intricately scampering, massively swung, ever-modulating tunes full of melodic corners and twists”
-Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots, UK

“It is fun, you can dance to, and there is a fantastic guy on the fiddle. Get the CD immediately, go and see him in concert, you wont regret it!”

“…this album is louder, brasher, faster and more funked up than folk music ever was.”
-Alex Monaghan, Tradconnect, UK

“Eskos amped up fiddle has a Jimi Hendrix meets Jean-Luc Ponty ring.”
-Tony Hillier, Rhythms Magazine, AU

Rye Groove (2015)


“…this is a band not short of talent or imagination.”
-Fiona Talkington, Songlines

” Ruthlessly savvy, intensely voracious and generously masterful, Rye Groove kicks the cane out from under mild-mannered folk.”
-T.J. Nelson, World Music Central.org

“It’s a happy marriage of new and old, of seventies prog rock and traditional village music. The Epic Male Band is an inspiring bunch of young Finns who have no fear.”
-Waldemar Wallenius, RootsWorld