Jani Kivelä – electric guitarpiipii_1

Place of birth
Favorite color
Complementary color
Favorite food
Sweet Caramelized Pork
Why did I choose music?
We had a piano in our house and it was cheaper to get a guitar than hockey goalie’s gear
Where did I study music?
Iisalmi Music School, Kuopio Conservatory, Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory
Other bands and artists I play with
Tsuumi Sound System, Tanguedia Quintet, Dynamo Band, did a few gigs with Rubik also!
What records did I listen to when I was a kid?
Jean Michel Jarre, Guns ‘n’ Roses
My dream job (if not a musician)
A pilot or a Formula 1 driver
My top three Idols
Jimi Hendrix, Eddy Merckx, my grandpa
The best place in the World