Street Team

Epic Street Team members Wanted!

Do you want to be a member of Esko Järvelä Epic Male Band? Unfortunately we cannot promise you that BUT we would love YOU to be a member of something that’s entirely as important as the band itself: EPIC STREET TEAM!

Yes, that’s right. We cannot do this just by ourselves – we really do need your help! We want you to join in and share the Epic journey with us!

So what can you do for us?

You can be a big help to us in several different ways, you can for example:

-spread the word about gigs among your friends and loved ones

-put up posters at places we’re about to play at

-help us with the merch table at gigs

-You name it!

What we can give for YOU as a reward:

-Guaranteed access to new music & videos before anyone else gets their hands on them

-Free mp3 and video gifts

-Free merch (shirts, posters, albums etc.)

-Free tickets to EMB concerts


Drop us an email to, tell us what you would be able to do for us and let’s start making plans together!